Biography (EN)

Irida started young as a member of several  church- and gospel-choirs at her home-town Linz, Austria.This formed the base for her musical career  and her journey through the world of music. After having studied at the „American Institute of Music“ and the „Vienna conservatory“ for Jazz-singers, she began to work as vocal coach as well as singer-songwriter She worked and travelled with a number of national and international stars, such as  Gloria Gaynor, Chaka Khan, Taylor Dayne, Nina Hagen or Haddaway.

Since a few years she lives and works in the Netherlands in different fields and has also started with playing children theatre and bringing out the book „Pookje“ with Cd.

Her album „samsara“ tells the story of a woman´s life – seen through the eyes of a woman, expressed by the different emotions of a woman – leading through the highs and lows of human life. samsara means  circle – of all circumstances causing life and pain – but – with the knowledge of it´s deeper effects in develloping always keeping the hope of joy and truth behind.

Irida combines quite a lot of different musical stiles – R&B, Jazz, Pop- and Soul elements wrap  her individual way of using German language in words  and  symbols. Soulful ballads  tell the story of women history in the same touching way as social-critic songs such as  „Karten auf den Tisch“ (put your cards on the table) or „Sag mir nicht was richtig ist“ (don´t tell me what right is).

The name Irida comes out oft the Greek mythology and refers to the role of a mediator between the  spheres of Gods and mankind – between heaven and hell – overcoming time and space. In the same way Iridas music is understood as timeless, exciting and touching – always up to date to the emotional needs of the listener.

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